New Beginnings

I wonder if Jesus might have shed a tear or two the day he ascended into Heaven. Knowing he was leaving the earth for a while, seeing his followers standing there looking up as he went away, did he have a pang of concern for them? Did he wonder if he’d prepared them well enough for his absence? Did he hope he’d been specific about the most important things they would need to remember? Did he want to pause his ascent, hit rewind, and run back to give each person one more reassuring hug reminding him and her with more than mere words and pinky promises, but with a true blood covenant, that he would be back for them?

Today I dropped two of my kids off at school–for the first time–a tween and a teen, at two different places. Yesterday, I did the same with their older sibling. We are stepping out on a new path and it’s kind of scary.

As my kids walked away into the care of strangers, I hoped that I had done enough to prepare them. We had walked the buildings ahead of time–here’s your class, here’s the bathroom, here are your teachers names, here is what you will wear, here are the rules, here is where I will pick you up later.

I filled them up with as much information as they could hold in order to be successful on their first day. I filled them up with breakfast, supplies, last minute instructions. I prayed over them. I reassured them. I said goodbye. And I reminded them I’d be back for them in just a few hours.

And yet, knowing I did all I could think of as a mom to prepare them and reassure them that all would be well, why did I return to my car in tears? Why did I feel that maybe I had missed or forgotten something important? Maybe I could have done one more thing to make their journey into this new adventure easier.

Jesus, did you feel this same way when you departed?

Hebrews 4:15 New International Version (NIV)

For we do not have a high priest¬†who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses,…